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Newport Beach Pet Health

Social Interaction

We will meet and greet cats and learn from the owners petting method, discover the anatomy of cat from likes and dislikes. This will allow for a seamless transition while the owner is gone enjoying their break and the cat will be happy.


Play time with cats if they are interested. Newport Beach Cat Care has extensive experience with many different cat breeds and depending on the cat breed we are caring for, we will walk cats as part of their exercise.

Diet and Nutrition

We will ask for cats diet in order to keep pet health at its best. Making sure that the cat is properly being fed with the right amount of food and water. Check water temperature and make sure that food has been eaten. Cleaning out cat dishes overtime as required and double checking water level and food before we leave.

Grooming/Pest Control

Cat grooming and cat grooming for fleas upon request.


Newport Beach Cat Care will search for dangerous items around the house hold to make sure that it is not harmful to the cat at any time. Dangerous items to pet health may include power cords, blinds, outlets and toxic plants. In addition we take care of finding the cats hiding spots and making sure that the cat is always in our sight and in a safe place before we leave the house.


In order to make your Cats litter box smell more pleasant to you and your cat, try putting down a thin layer of baking soda into the litter box first. Then the litter because this will allow the baking soda to help absorb unpleasant odors.

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